How to become a singer, how to become a better singer

How to Become a Singer ?

How to become a singer,

If you think your shower singing will translate to the stage, then professional singing might
be the career for you.

You will need Vocal range Talent Confidence A vocal coach A demo An agent and a keyboard

  • Step 1.

Join a choral group or participate in a community theater musical where you can sing in front of an audience.

  • Step 2.

Set aside time to practice. Finding a reliable rhythm and routine is the key to improvement.

  • Step 3.

Imitate your favorite singers from varying musical genres. Invest in a keyboard to practice scales.

  • Step 4.

Find a vocal coach who can offer objective criticism. You will be required to work hard but your singing will improve.

  • Step 5.

Enter karaoke and other talent competitions.

  • Step 6.

Create a demo, choosing a song that best showcases your talents.

  • Step 7.

Contact clubs and try to book appearances. Many clubs host amateur or open mic nights.

  • Step 8.

How to become a better singer ?

 how to become a better singer

The rain in "Singin' in the Rain" consisted of a mixture of milk and water so it would show up better on film.

In order to focus on singing you are ready to sing you breathe in open your mouth And you realize you sound like trash. 

The thing is though many times when I start singing and many many other singers in the world.

We sound like trash in the beginning. I'm going to show you some quick tips

Let's go

  • Hack 1
Water so since your voice is trash on land. Maybe you'll sound better under water check out this band called aqua Sonic, oh man now but I actually.

Recommend that you keep water with you and that you drink some water before you start singing, I use this thing It's called a mighty mug.

And it's pretty handy because no matter if you hit it like accidentally or something when it stands on an even surface It will not move it would have been pretty funny if that wouldn't have worked now.

And I would have ruined my computer in front of you. But remember to not drink too much water because. Sometimes my recording sessions get ruined with bunch of toilet breaks. That was probably too much information Uhh let's move on to .

  • Hack 2
I started having more days where I couldn't sing well So what I found is that if you don't move at all if you don't let your body gear up then your singing will be Way worse. My way to sort this out was to take short walks before I started singing, and it seems to work really well, I've also started going to the gym to work on the weight thing.

  • Hack 3
Hype up or relax you want to be in a good middle ground. Mentally when singing so if you're feeling stressed try lying down on the sofa for 10 minutes. Maybe watch a TV show or something and if you're feeling tired or unmotivated try slapping yourself or running around a little, bit you can also try a depressants like alcohol to Relax or stimulants like coffee to hype yourself up. 

  • Hack 4
Start easy, if you're not having an amazing singing day don't go for the hard notes directly
instead try something that you're comfortable with and make sure that works before you try the harder stuff that way you won't to hurt your. 

Voice or build up tensions that might stick with you throughout the day.

  • Hacks 5
Take breaks if you keep on singing when things are going bad chances are that you'll get frustrated and you build up tensions I tried out a bunch of different things and what's worked best for me when I'm working on something.

That's really really hard that takes all of my focus is to work in 14 minute. 

Chunks with a little bit of a pause in between when I just lie down obviously 14 minutes doesn' t work for everyone. 

So I recommend that you put on a timer and just do something really hard and see at what point you lose focus. Often if I'm doing really well, I will not take the break after 14 minute intervals, but when I'm struggling.
  • Hack 6 
In depth imitating, sometimes it can help to really get deep into the singing style of someone you look up to.
  • Hack 7
Get better recording gear. I won't go into detail on gear instead. Here's a short montage showing off all the things that I use. There's links to where to buy everything on my kits page
Here's the link to my kit page as a card, and there's a link in the description as well.

  • Hack 8

Random tips here are some random tricks. I wrote down a while back. You can try out some of these and see if any of them work for you walking around while singing

Closing your eyes think about moving the back of the tongue upwards on higher notes focus on breathing in and what it sounds like. Try what happens to your singing if you make the breathing sound lower, or higher?
Pretend that the sound comes from different parts of your body try singing while holding a bit of a yawn make your voice bigger or smaller.

Think about holding back to the air sing whatever feels comfortable in the moment and don't be afraid to jump around in registries.

Dedicate the whole day singing in specific way for example really quietly 

  • Hack 9

Singing in different ways when I'm having a bad singing day one thing that really works is to move between different ways of singing here Are some of my favorites the Michael McDonald's would ever?

Happen to childhood the High Squeaker, whatever happened to child the shouter whatever happened to childhood the John Mayer Whatever happened to child the Charlie puth whatever happened to childhood the constipated whatever happened to childhood All so I just gonna add I'm not a singing teacher  I think you should get a singing teacher if you're serious about your singing. But also these kinds of things are really good just find out. What works for you and be careful with your voice, okay?
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